History of Jennerstown Community Church

History: United Evangelical – Pittsburgh Conference. A merger of two churches: Evangelical, Pittsburgh Conference and United Brethren, Allegheny Conference. In 1905 the Evangelical group bought the former brick Presbyterian Church. There was no preaching from 1915-1918. On May 18, 1918 the church was re-opened. A new church was dedicated February 5, 1956; and an educational unit was added in 1962. On May 29, 1960 the Jenners Cross Roads United Brethren Church merged with Jennerstown. In 1970 Jennerstown was linked with Bethany and Saint John’s. The membership in 1970 was 138. The membership on January 1, 2002 was 185.  On August 1, 2023, the Jennerstown congregation disaffiliated from the United Methodist Church and became Jennerstown Community Church, a Global Methodist congregation.

Orlanda G. Fye 1905-1908;
H. M. Cook 1908-1911;
Milton V. Kelly 1911-1914;
Jennerstown/Somerset: Bethany/Somerset: Saint Johns/Tarrs: Glenwood/Johnstown: Centennial:
Charles E. McCauley 1914-1919;
William M. Minerd 1914-1924;
Jennerstown/Johnstown: Centennial:
Reed Spurgeon Shirey 1924-1927;
W. Jesse Lloyd 1927-1931;
Jennerstown/Johnstown: Centennial/Saint John’s:
Charles W. Raley 1931-1948;
William Clark Beal, Sr. 1948-1962;
William E. Wineberg 1962-October 1966,
Paul H. Scruton October 1966-1970;
Jennerstown/Bethany/Saint John’s:
Paul H. Scruton 1970-1977;
Russell Eugene Hawk 1977-1980;
Donald Charles Rudat 1980-1985;
Donald Eric Krestar 1985-1991;
John Richard Guerre 1991-1995:
John Richard Guerre 1995-2001;
Ronald James Geisler 2001-2004;
Charles Emil Prevot 2004-2007;
Thomas Zimmerman Associate 2004-2007;
Charles Franklin Hildbold, Jr. 2007--2023;
Jennerstown Community Church:
Charles Franklin Hildbold, Jr.  2023--

Contact Us

Box 201
1673 East Pitt Street
(Route 30 East)
Jennerstown, PA 15547
Chuck Hildbold, Pastor
Amanda Stillwagon, Secretary


Sunday Worship
    Traditional:          9:00 AM
    Contemporary:  11:10 AM  

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